Jardin Paysan

Gardening, gardens, home grown produce and seasonal food - for those who love the pace of life in rural France
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Written for those who garden and enjoy reading about life in the French countryside.

Jardin Paysan is edited by Sue Adams. Sue is a gardening writer and photographer who lives in SW France. Over the past 20 years she has written for magazines including French Living, Country Smallholding, Your Chickens and French Property News. Sue currently writes for, among others, The Local Buzz, a magazine and website published in SW France for English speakers. In 2014 Sue founded the property website French Properties Direct.

Join her in her one acre garden where she and her husband grow their own fruit and vegetables, visit local markets, fetes and places of interest and try to live as sustainably as they can as part of their French adventure.

Fruit and vegetables, trees and flowers, hens and bees, seasonal recipes and ideas for living a simpler life in rural France.

Image by Osman Kahraman

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