Hello - I am l'epouvantail, which is French for the scarecrow.

I am an English gardener who has lived in France for about 15 years and has written about gardens - both here and in the UK - for a little longer. Together with my husband I garden, read about gardens, visit gardens and cook with their produce. We try to garden with nature rather than try to dominate it and  keep hens which are a source of endless fascination.  In the past we have also kept bees and one or two sheep.


If you own a French property and want to develop your own garden here, or if you simply love France, then read on....I will do my best to talk you through each year in le Jardin Paysan - our garden of just under half a hectare in SW France. What we grow, what we make and our triumphs and disasters. All in graphic detail.


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