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What is garden coaching?



Our garden coaching service can assist you in getting the best from a new or existing garden, helping you understand your garden's characteristics and mentoring you as you develop your own gardening skills. For example, we can:

 - Survey your garden, letting you know more about the soil, site and identity of plants you already have.


 - Give guidance as to suitable plants - even providing a skeleton planting plan if necessary. This is especially useful if you are new to SW France and you are not sure what to grow here, or if you think your garden looks stale and could do with a re-vamp.

 - Devise an annual garden maintenance plan for you to follow.

 - Help with ideas for incorporating a new feature into your existing garden - perhaps a swimming pool, a terrace or a potager.

 - Provide coaching in specific garden skills - for example pruning or moving shrubs, seed sowing and taking cuttings, creating a rotation plan for your vegetables or keeping chickens.

 - Give you ideas on how to make your garden presentation ready if you are planning to sell.

For a fixed fee of 200€ plus travel costs of 50 cents a kilometre Sue will visit your garden and spend a morning or afternoon (around 3 hours) helping you with your project. Afterwards, notes of the visit along with plant lists, results of site/soil analyses and any drawings will be e-mailed to you to refer to.


If you want more detailed designs or planting plans or would like to arrange a group coaching session for up to 6  people this can be arranged and priced as per specific requirements.

If you would like to know more about how our service could help you, please contact Sue via the website or by phone on +33 (0)6 71 61 09 26 for an initial discussion.

Click on some of the photographs below for ideas and inspiration

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