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The Ghost Plant

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Plant of the week:

Graptopetalum paraguayense - also known as the Leatherpetal or Ghost Plant. This succulent is very happy in well drained conditions and can withstand what I would call benevolent neglect - i.e. it doesn't mind if you don't water it for a week or so, but make sure it is planted in favourable conditions. Ideal for a dry or gravel garden but a tall pot helps display it better.

Easily propagated from a cutting - just take off a florette with some stem, allow the stem to seal over by leaving it to dry out for, say, 24 hours, and then stick it in some well drained compost. You can also try pushing a single leaf into the compost and that should develop tiny plants next to it. Here is an example of a cutting I took recently.

We leave ours outside over winter, but I do put them at the foot of a sheltered south facing wall.

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