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The camels of the plant world

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

They are succulents.... not a formal botanical classification but a name given to plants which store water in fleshy stems, leaves or even roots. They are designed to survive in dry and even inhospitable conditions, storing their own water to tide them over until the next shower of rain when they may rapidly flower and set seed. Even better - they are the perfect plant for a reluctant or absent gardener or if you want to add a bit of architectural interest to a sunny spot in the garden or on a terrace or balcony.

We grow them in pots and troughs around the house where they provide architectural interest, add character and multiply with great generosity.

To find out more read my article in the July/August edition of The Local Buzz magazine which you can find on line here:

An idea I would like to try - photo by

Aloes are succulents too - I planted Aloe striata outside (against a SW facing stone wall) last year and it is thriving.

A bit untidy, but it is a work in progress - my succulent plant theatre using old terracotta pots and a wire plant-stand I found at a brocante. Note to self - sweep up rose petals.

Lewisia - not keen on direct sunlight, we tuck them under a table outside our front door. Cut off the dead flower stems regularly and you have flowers for most of the year.

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